Intelligible Classroom System
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Intelligible Classroom System


The Intelligible Classroom System consists of an Infra Red (IR) Integrated Wide-dispersion Ceiling Speaker (IR-820SP) with a built in Infrared Receivers and Class-D Amplifier, an IR Wireless Tuner (IR-802T) and hands-free (IR-310M) IR Wireless Microphone for Teacher, as well as, handheld (IR-200M) IR Wireless Microphone for students, all connected by one CAT-5 cable.

In addition, the system provide audio output for assistive listening devices, i.e. WM-5325 UHF transmitter, and WT-5100 UHF receiver, for students with speech hearing impairment.

This system enrich the level of speech intelligibility in classroom, by providing uniform sound distribution throughout the whole classroom.

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